Mission Statement

To provide our customers with fair and dependable Transportation Services, along with competitive pricing, with an emphasis on Safety First with Reliable Customer Service. To be receptive & recognize our customers needs and to react in a professional and timely manner and finally to value the customers their vendors & the carrier as our assets for continued “SUCCESS”.

Why Customers choose our Company

  • Image: The image of Anand Enterprises is more in tune with our customer’s own tastes and desires.
  • Personality: The personality of Anand Enterprises is friendly and one they feel comfortable with, we believe: that Personality begins with “US” and the people who work for us.
  • Convenience: Our business practices are convenient for our customers, not just us. Our business, is open and available, 24/7 and accessible when our customers need us; We are locatedĀ  in Abbotsford just 1 mile to the Sumas border crossing and 1 mile to Highway 1, a good location with amble parking; with a bright and cheerful ambience to our office, offering a pleasant and cheerful working environment.
  • Service: Customers get what they want from our business. We patronize a good, old-fashioned service.
  • Uniqueness: Our reliability, Services offered, and Complete Customer care attract our customers. something they can’t usually find or get elsewhere.
  • Price: Our rates are competitive, with terms of 30 days. We review pricing on a quarterly basis in order to continue to attract new and existing customers. Long term Customers get the benefit of cheaper prices due to volumes and frequency of their loads.