About Us


Mission Statement

To provide our customers with fair and dependable Transportation Services, along with competitive pricing, with an emphasis on Safety First with Reliable Customer Service. To be receptive & recognize our customers needs and to react in a professional and timely manner and finally to value the customers their vendors & the carrier as our assets for continued “SUCCESS”

Why Customers choose our Company

  • Image: The image of Anand Enterprises is more in tune with our customer’s own tastes and desires.
  • Personality: The personality of Anand Enterprises is friendly and one they feel comfortable with, we believe: that Personality begins with “US” and the people who work for us.
  • Convenience: Our business practices are convenient for our customers, not just us. Our business, is open and available, 24/7 and accessible when our customers need us; We are locatedĀ  in Abbotsford just 1 mile to the Sumas border crossing and 1 mile to Highway 1, a good location with amble parking; with a bright and cheerful ambience to our office, offering a pleasant and cheerful working environment.
  • Service: Customers get what they want from our business. We patronize a good, old-fashioned service.
  • Uniqueness: Our reliability, Services offered, and Complete Customer care attract our customers. something they can’t usually find or get elsewhere.
  • Price: Our rates are competitive, with terms of 30 days. We review pricing on a quarterly basis in order to continue to attract new and existing customers. Long term Customers get the benefit of cheaper prices due to volumes and frequency of their loads.

Client Testimonials

“Anand Enterprises is one off the best trucking companies I have worked with. They are super organized and ensure everything is delivered on time.”

Anand Customer

“We have been working with Anand for quite a while now and all i can say is good things about them, they make you feel like family”

Anand Customer

“I put Anand in a difficult position with a last min rush load and they were able to move things around make it work for me.”

Anand Customer

Frequently Asked Questions

Are we hiring?

The answer to this is that we are always hiringĀ 

Do we do hazardous loads?

At the moment we do not do hazardous loads but we plan on expanding and being able to do them

Where are you located?

We are located in Abbotsford, BC please look at contact us for address.

Does your team also do local trucking?

Yes, we do we have many drivers that drive local and are home at the end off the day.

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