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Anand Work Force: Agricultural Labor Contracting

During busy periods – such as the farming & harvesting season – you may need extra workers to help you deal with the additional workload. Most farmers and growers choose to take on temporary staff to deal with these short-term increases in work, rather than permanent employees. One option is to take on seasonal workers through a labor provider. At Anand Workforce Ltd, we not only have the experience, but also over 150 experienced part-time and full-time employees to get the job done.

Through Anand Workforce Ltd, all workers are treated & paid fairly and are all covered under “Work Safe BC”, formally known as The Workers Compensation Board.

Using the Anand Workforce, you can avoid most potential conflicts, because we provide:

• a good working environment
• safe and reliably supervised working conditions
• implementation of fair policies and practices
• offering a reasonable remuneration package for the workers
• maintaining good communication with workers to minimize the chances of misunderstandings


Jagdev & Sons Farm was established in 2006 and presently employees about 15 people, situated in the southern part of Abbotsford approximately 1 mile to the US Border and 1 Mile to Hwy #1 we are centrally located. At Present the Farm consist of 10 acres which includes almost 10,000 blueberry plants. Jagdev & Sons Farms are family owned and operated and was started as a hobby/farm. The family comes from a farming background, and is highly experienced in the farming Industry. Jagdev & Sons Farm is a “Hand Picked” High bush Blueberry Farm located in Abbotsford B.C. Located five miles from Abbotsford Town Center. For map and directions, Click Here!

Anand Services

Established in 2006 to complement our Trucking operations, Anand Services offers a wide range of mechanical in our workshop consisting of Truck Repair, Maintenance Services, Farm Tractor services, Tire repairs and exchange as well as new Tire Sales.

Some Of The Automotive Maintenance, Repairs & Services We Offer:

Commercial Truck Services:
Suspension Repair Extended
Regular Oil Change Intervals
DOT Inspections Diagnostic & Repair
Rear Suspension Repair
Mobile Welding
Trailer Repair
Tire Changes
Brake Repair
Farm Tractor Repair
Air System Repair
Scheduled Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

The best way to minimize more serious breakdowns and the higher costs associated with truck repair is by doing routine maintenance. Preventive vehicle maintenance is simply what the manufacturer of your vehicle suggests getting done to keep your vehicle going. When you have a truck, we provide the maintenance services required to keep it running well.

Proper Maintenance is Critical to a Well-performing Fleet

Running well-maintained trucks is a necessity to ensure on-time delivery and cost efficiency. An experienced and knowledgeable partner makes a difference. Anand Services knows how to maintain your vehicle to meet your specific driving demands.

These are the areas we focus on for a comprehensive maintenance program

    • Following a rigorous maintenance schedule for greater up-time
    • We track performance and costs, and determine optimal vehicle operating life
    • Repairing items right the first time
    • Sourcing of high-quality & reasonably priced parts We use those elements to optimize your Vehicles performance by
    • Holding your equipment to the highest standards through our 50+ point vehicle check, including brakes, tires, electrical systems, drive train, cab and chassis
    • Detailed fluid analysis to assess your specific vehicle performance and service needs
    • Capturing and analyzing vehicle performance and maintenance data from hundreds of vehicles we service with our proprietary systems to reveal trends and anticipate your service requirements
    • Reviewing vehicle analytics to ensure your equipment is running at optimal levels, assisting in warranty recovery and administration and determining proper disposal/replacement time
    • Timely safety inspections

Client Testimonials

“Anand Enterprises is one off the best trucking companies I have worked with. They are super organized and ensure everything is delivered on time.”

Anand Customer

“We have been working with Anand for quite a while now and all i can say is good things about them, they make you feel like family”

Anand Customer

“I put Anand in a difficult position with a last min rush load and they were able to move things around make it work for me.”

Anand Customer

Frequently Asked Questions

Are we hiring?

The answer to this is that we are always hiring come by and drop off your abstract and resume

Do we do hazardous loads?

At the moment we do not do hazardous loads but we plan on expanding and being able to do them

Where are you located?

We are located in Abbotsford, BC please look at contact us for address

Does your team also do local trucking?

Yes, we do we have many drivers that drive local and are home at the end off the day.

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